Texas Tech Championship Defense


Scott Peterman

To say I’m a fan of Chris Beard and his defensive prowess is an understatement…

I truly believe Coach Beard’s defense can LITERALLY hang with anyone.


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Here’s my mindset in a nutshell:

Texas Tech vs.  ANY Offense

Let me explain…

As you know, the buzz was all around Texas Tech’s defense in the tourney last year.

Super impressive…

Most of you are also aware those performances didn’t just come out of the blue.

Chris Beard has been dominating on D for years, including Little Rock before taking the reins at Texas Tech.

And last season, he managed to do it on the biggest stage there is.

Based on that, here’s my (not so wild) prediction:
The Texas Tech defense will be ranked No. 1 this year…by an amazing margin.  

I mean, “like a boss!” type stuff.

But I wanted to really prove my point, so I got creative and put a new playbook together for you!

It’s simply called:  “Texas Tech Defense vs ANY Offense”

Check out this unique format…

I’ve taken 3 VERY influential games and broken them down for you.

86 pages in total.

3 major sections.  One for each game.

Texas Tech vs Virginia (of course)

Texas Tech vs TCU

Little Rock vs Purdue

Same defense against very different offensive systems.

I think you’re going to LOVE this approach.

Real “D” in real games.

Here’s your shot to get this “hot off the presses” playbook:
“Texas Tech Defense vs Any Offense”