Swish 2: Learning and Coaching the Swish Method


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The second Swish video was created in 2005 and is the “Application” of the Swish Process. It’s a two-hour creation describing in great detail the steps to both learning and coaching this simple, extraordinary approach to shooting. It will answer just about any question you have. You’ll see examples throughout the video of Tom’s students demonstrating the steps to great shooting while knocking down their shots with ease.

The original “Swish” is the kind of video you may want to watch occasionally for the simplicity and wisdom it contains, whereas you’ll want to watch “Swish 2” over and over and over, it is so rich with content. It contains new insights Tom had from eight more years of studying and teaching the skill of shooting.

And Swish 3 extends the methodology to the humble little Free Throw.

1  Introduction: What Makes for Great Shooting05:09
2  Great Shooting: The Swish Way06:43
3  Set Point and Setting the Ball06:23
4  Pure Shooting & The 4 Keys06:44
5  Learning & Coaching the Swish Way06:40
6  Developing a Consistent Release05:21
7  More Instruction for Setting and Release06:55
8  Learning the Release and Upforce06:40
9  Putting It Together Part 106:56
10  Putting It Together Part 206:20
11  Loose Ends and the Free Throw06:27
12  Pre-Shot Routine and Adding Skill06:29
13  Three Pointers, Jumpers, Fade Aways and More06:57
14  Wrap Up and Appendix06:55
15  Conversation for Learning06:54
16  How You Shoot Now and Group Practice06:46
17  How to Sustain Learning06:36
18  Creative Shooting Exercises and Credits03:59

Swish22Tom NordlandFounder of Swish InternationalFollow

Tom grew up in Minnesota playing many sports and has been involved in athletics all his life. He became a high school basketball star and is considered one the best shooters ever to come out of that state. In 1957 he led Minneapolis Roosevelt to its second straight Minnesota State High School Championship and was named All State and a scholastic All American. He set a free throw record in the State Tournament championship game (19 of 20 in one game) that still stands, tied in 2007. He attended Stanford University on a basketball scholarship.

Twenty five years ago, at the age of 50, he re-discovered what he had learned as a teenager that made him such a great “pure” shooter – simple and powerful stuff anyone can learn. Since those discoveries, Tom has researched shooting and perfected his coaching of the skill. In early 1997 he produced his first video on shooting called “Swish — A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting.” In Dec. of 2005 he produced his two-hour “masterpiece” sequel video, called “Swish 2 — Learning and Coaching the Swish Method.” Swish 3, on the humble and often humbling Free Throw, completes a Trilogy and came out in 2012. These videos are getting raves and complimentary testimony from more and more players and coaches around the world.

A Coach for all levels, from beginner to NBA professionals
Tom’s has worked with all levels, from grade school and middle school to high school and college levels, as well as with NBA and WNBA players. Tom has found that everyone needs the same basic instruction. And, what he teaches is not new. It’s how the greatest shooters have always shot. The latest example is Steph Curry, who shoots this way exactly!

Articles about Tom’s coaching have appeared in the Indianapolis Star/News, The Christian Science Monitor, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Oakland Tribune and The San Francisco Chronicle. He’s been interviewed on ESPN Radio and other sports radio talk shows.

His Method Reveals the”Secrets” of Great Shooting
Tom’s Swish Method reveals how to learn and coach great shooting. Though fundamentals are important and are addressed, the emphasis is on the “Flight of the Ball.” The player is taught how to control body movement and power such that ball flight is Accurate, Consistent and Repeatable! Great shooters’ shots are always around the rim. They rarely have a bad day. Tom’s method shows how to achieve that kind of control with an effortless, high arching and repeatable shot motion. This is the answer to today’s need in the game of basketball for a method that really works and doesn’t take thousands of hours to learn.

Visit his website, http://www.swish22.com/, for extensive information on Tom and his method, including remarkable endorsements and testimonials, video clips, articles, blogs and other background information.

Shooting clinics
Tom puts on shooting clinics and camps across the country, “Empowering players to practice,” as he puts it. He teaches players of all levels that great shooting is not that difficult and that anyone can learn the skill to a fairly high level of proficiency, and mastery is available to those who really apply themselves to the simple method. The key is in the “practice,” and Tom shows people how to do that — what to practice and how to do it … how to coach themselves, the only way it’s really going to work.