Scouting Report Form




Use the well-designed scouting report template created by Coach Derek Sheridan to help you prepare for your upcoming games.


Here is what is included:

Page Content
1 Starting 5, general statistics, Box Scores, Tip-Off Set
2 Opposition’s Defensive Tendencies – General Questions
3 Opposition’s Half Court Man-to-Man Defense
4 Opposition’s 23/113 Zone Defense
5 Opposition’s 32/122/Match-Up Defense(s)
6 Opposition’s 131 Zone Defense
7 Opposition’s BLOB Defense(s)
7 Opposition’s Man-to-Man Press(s)
8 Oppositio’s Zone Press(s)
9 Opposition’s General Offensive Tendencies/Information
10 Opposition’s Man-to-Man Offensive Tendencies
11 Opposition’s Zone Offensive Tendencies
12 Blank Shot Charts
15 Opposition’s Individual Player Profiles
21 Defensive Overview/Game Plan
22 Offensive Overview/Game Plan
23 Video Clips
24 Man-to-Man Offense/Set Plays Diagrams
29 Man-to-Man BLOB Plays Diagrams
31 Man-to-Man SLOB Plays Diagrams
32 Special Situation Plays Diagrams
33 Opposition’s Zone Offense/Set Plays Diagrams
37 Zone BLOB Plays Diagrams
39 Zone SLOB Plays Diagrams
40 Opposition’s Press Offense(s) Digrams
42 Oppsositon’s Full Court Special Situation Plays Diagrams
43 Terminology Key