Post Season Checklist


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This comprehensive collection of tools developed by Coach Derek Sheridan will help you evaluate your past season and organize the off-season. (49 pages)


Here is what is included:

  • Preemptive Scheduling Checklist
  • Post Season Inventory Checklist for every team in the program
  • Junior Varsity Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist
  • Awards Night/Banquet Checklist
  •  Assistant Coaches Evaluations
  • Spring Open Gym & Weight Lifting Checklist
  • Summer Open Gym & Weight Lifting Checklist
  • Summer Shootout/League Contact Checklist (HS & MS)
  • Post-Regular Season Individual Player Evaluations Checklist
  • Hosting a Summer Basketball Camp Checklist
  • Summer League(s) Checklist
  • Hosting a Summer League
  • Summer Shootouts/Tournaments Scheduling Checklist
  • Hosting a Summer Shootout Checklist
  • End-of-Season Inventory Checklist for every tram in the program
  • Youth Basketball Team(s) Inventory Checklist
  • Post-Summer Competition Individual Player Evaluation Checklist
  • Post-Summer Competition Team Evaluation Checklist