NBA Skill Development Drills


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All coaches can benefit from the unique drills and philosophies shown on this NBA Skill Development Playbook.  Footwork is a big key for player development as Coach Peterman shares post secrets from the N.B.A.  Also, Coach Peterman analyzes the idea of competitiveness, commitment and cutting discipline. A distinction is made between an individual workout and skill development.

The NBA Skill Development Playbook shows the NBAs knowledge on skill development. Weak hand development, playing through contact and contesting shots are discussed. The NBA Skill Development Playbook also has  quality shooting workout feature from several NBA teams to develop shooters.

This outstanding NBA Skill Development Playbook prepares coaches to hit the floor and maximize their time and their players potential. Every coach, regardless of level, must see this thought-provoking presentation on  Skill Development.

It has 102 pages of NBA Skill Development that concerns pick and roll, guard drills, post play drills, shooting
development, NBA Man Defense tips, as well as Full Court and Half court defensive techniques.

I hope that you enjoy the NBA Skill Development Playbook.


Coach Peterman