Louisville Cardinals Playbook


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The absolute most effective method for improving your W-L record is this – study what other winning coaches do, and adapt it to fit your squad.

  • Gain Instant Access to the Master Playbook of Legendary Coach Rick Pitino and Discover, Execute, and Win From the EXACT Plays That’s Helped Him Take Three Different Teams to the Final Four.
  • Plus, You’ll Also Get an Exclusive Zone Offense Scouting Report Containing 13 Different Looks Versus a Zone.
  • That’s exactly why I’ve assembled together some of his most dominant plays across 52 set plays and 124 pages of pure gold.
  • 35 Man Set Plays, 8 Baseline Out of Bounds Plays, 5 Transition Offenses, 1 Zone Offense, 3 Press Offenses.
  • In addition to this, you’re also going to get an exclusive zone offense scouting reports that has 13 different looks versus a zone. Another 31 pages of highly valuable information…..that you simply won’t find anywhere else.