Handling the Rock: Intermediate Dribbling


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The Handle the Rock Intermediate Dribbling Drills workout video features 3 real-time basketball dribbling workouts. Each workout lasts around 24 minutes so you just follow right along with the video and get your dribbling workout in each day. The dribbling drills in the video feature one ball, two ball, tennis ball, and moving drills. Jason along with the demonstrators are highly skilled and feature boys and girls so this video is for everyone!

1  Introduction02:51

Level 1

2  Pound Dribbles: Straight Down, In & Out and Through the Legs08:59
3  Quick Dribbles and Explode: Machine Drill, Quick Crossovers and Exploding by a Defender08:07
4  Step Backs and Attack: Corner Turn, Full Spin and Step Back Crossover07:35

Level 2

5  Tennis Ball Drills: Crossover, In & Out and Through the Legs08:02
6  Two Ball Drills: Crossover, Through the Legs, Behind the Back and Combination07:52
7  Dribbling on the Move: Behind the Back, Full Spin and Counter Moves08:29

Level 3

8  Advanced Tennis Ball Drills: Dribble and Catch, Crossover Catch and Behind the Back Catch08:56
9  Combination Moves: In & Out Crossover, Through the Legs Crossover and Behind the Back07:14
10  Advanced 2 Ball Drills: Alternating, Lateral Slides and Behind the Back07:57


11  Testing Your Skills Part 108:50
12  Testing Your Skills Part 210:05

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