Best Zone Plays in NCAA Division 1




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By Scott Peterman

What exactly is a “Frankenstein” playbook?

Let me explain…

I was sitting around last weekend watching some of the HUGE college upsets, and the commentator made some offbeat comment about this guy’s field goal shooting and the defense he was up against…

Nothing very profound, but it got me wondering about FG% and defensive pairings…

(Don’t judge me. That’s just how my mind works.)

The more I mulled over the various combinations in my head, the more I forgot about the game and started jotting down some notes.

Kinda like a “what would happen if…” scenario…

Next thing you know, the “evil scientist” in me starts going to work…

Suddenly I’m onto something…

Here’s my premise:

“What if you took the absolute best field goal % teams in the NCAA today (D1 only) and put this up against the zone…and then put everything into one playbook?”

I think I actually said it out loud (as any true evil scientist would).

Step 1: Go to the leaderboard for the 2019-2020 season.

Step 2: Sort the list by order of the top 20 FG% made.

Step 3: **Add 20 minutes worth of video clips that correspond with everything!** 😊

Step 4: Produce 104 pages of the best shooting teams vs the zone defense in the country, as of this writing!