Duke Basketball: Creating a Championship Post Player



  • Develop your post players’ mobility and skills in and around the paint
  • Learn to use post player drills that mimic your team’s offensive strategy
  • Teach simple scoring moves for low post players both on and off the block
  • Teach your post players how to effectively run different pick-and-rolls, pick-and-pops, and roll-and-replace


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Jeff Capel, Duke University Associate Head Coach;
former Head Coach at Oklahoma (2009 NCAA Elite 8) and VCU (2004 CAA Champions)
Duke assistant coach, Jeff Capel has created a post player workout that is packed with drills that develop skill and mobility. First, Coach Capel demonstrates offensive techniques that will teach your post players:

Jump hooks
Drop steps
Quick go (one dribble into a running hook)
Quick spin move
Reverse pivots into jumpers

Each move is taught on both sides of the paint and to develop the use of either hand.
Create scoring chances from a variety of spots on the floor using a flash, duck-in, roll, pop and more. All of the shots in this post series are implemented into five intense shooting drills:

4 Around 1 Breakdown Drill – A breakdown of shots and situations your posts will see in your offense.
4 and 5 Shot Drill – These drills string together a series of shots that posts will regularly see in games.
Wing (wide action) and Angle Ball Screens (high action) – Improves the effectiveness of the 2-man game.
5 Spot Skills (out of rips and off of offensive rebounds) – Forces post players to develop skills from the perimeter, which can be an uncomfortable location for them on the court.

With Duke’s post player development, your post players will become unstoppable multi-skilled and mobile big men.

46 minutes. 2013.