Defensive Trends in College Basketball Playbook




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If you’re a coach, how good are you at “future pacing”?

Let me explain…

You know that sick feeling you can get when you think everyone else is up to speed on something, but you’ve somehow been left on the outside looking in?

It’s not fun.

You have this gaping knowledge gap and you feel silly.

You feel like everyone in the room knows something you don’t.

Well, today’s email is a bit unusual in that sense.

It’s not a playbook.

It’s not a video.

It’s not a collection of random tools for your coaching toolbox.

This is something beyond that…and something I’ve never done before.

Today we fill a knowledge gap.

We’re actually doing something called “future pacing”…

This is a fancy way of saying you’re looking into the future, and seeing where things are going BEFORE they happen.

Sounds like a cool skill to have doesn’t it?

I turned to basketball playbook expert and “trend watcher” Chis Filios to put something together, the likes of which you have NOT seen previously.

Chris is a student of the game like few others…

And what he’s put together could be considered a “meta” playbook, if that makes sense.

Looking beyond the basic X’s and O’s and seeing the higher-level trends in the game.

Specifically, the defensive side of the game.

It’s called “Defensive Trends In College Basketball”…which frankly undersells what it’s all about.

In this playbook, you will find many of the latest defensive trends in basketball- from the NBA to Europe to college. Some of the best defensive teams in the world like the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, Valencia, Angola, Texas Tech, and many more are coming up with new schemes and “modernizing” old ones to fit how today’s game is played.

Some specifics:

Modern twist on a classic- the “modern no middle”
Both basic and complex switching techniques for on-ball defense- “switch outs”, “jump switches”, “Ice” coverage, area switches

Advanced techniques on situational coverages against elite shooters and high level individual scores- situational hard denial, hip recovery forced drives, outside shoulder forced curls, denial of the boomerang pass, late clock iso run and doubles

New concepts in rotational defense- “Peel Switching” and “Jump Switches”
Did I grab your attention with this?

I certainly hope so…

If you also consider yourself a “student of the game” like Chris Filios, I can’t recommend this resource enough.

If you want to be comfortable with what’s coming…if you want to “future pace” so you’re ahead of the curve and NOT playing catch up, this is for you.

Never have that “on the outside looking in” feeling again…well, with basketball anyway ☺ .

Here’s the opportunity to something truly unique.

You’ll be happy you did.