Better Ball Handling


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Better Basketball first gained its notoriety with Rick Torbett’s player development series which cultivates the fundamental skills of basketball.

This course, featuring ball handling phenom Andy Garcia, incorporates 30 application-specific workouts with over 200 individual drills!

Need to improve your cross-over, there’s a workout for that! Working to improve your off hand, there’s a workout for that, as well! What about improving hand strength? There’s a workout for that too.  With over 3 hours of unique course content, you’re sure to find tools to hone or polish your handle.

1  Introduction0:05:30
2  Strength Workout0:03:39
3  Vertical Control and Speed One Ball Workout0:03:25
4  Changing Hands One Ball Workout0:07:56
5  Horizontal Control One Ball Workout0:05:58
6  Between the Legs One Ball Workout0:04:20
7  Vertical Control and Speed Two Ball Workout0:05:47
8  Two Balls Pound & Switch Workout0:05:35
9  Horizontal Control Two Ball Workout0:03:34
10  Two Ball Between the Legs Workout0:05:02
11  Three Ball Coordination Workout0:03:18
12  One Ball on the Move Workout0:04:08
13  Two Balls on the Move Workout0:04:55
14  Crossover Crunch Trench Workout0:02:23
15  Body Shield Trench Workout0:02:17
16  Combo Killer Trench Workout0:03:08
17  Tennis Ball Keep Your Eyes Up Workout0:07:07
18  Just for Fun (or if you’re injured) Workout0:03:34
19  Crossover Build-Up Specialty Workout0:04:45
20  Fake Crossover Specialty Workout0:04:54
21  Between the Legs Build-Up Specialty Workout0:06:01
22  Around the Back Build-Up Specialty Workout0:05:37
23  Right Hand Training Specialty Workout0:08:00
24  Left Hand Training Specialty Workout0:07:57
25  MVP Workout0:05:06
26  All-City Workout0:09:58
27  All-State Workout0:20:12
28  All-American Workout0:30:34
29  Bounce-Off Re-Attack Lay-Up Workout0:01:23
30  Bounce-Off Re-Attack Jumper Workout0:01:23
31  Universal Full-Court Workout0:03:02

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