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To win a real game, you need to quickly read the defense, react immediately, and use the most effective move possible for that situation. If you don’t attack immediately, you’re giving the defenders the chance they need to set up and stop your penetration. This course will teach you the kind of 1-on-1 offense that will give you the best chance of scoring.

1  Introduction0:01:29
2  Table of Contents0:01:29

Triple Attack Tools

3  What is Triple Attack?0:03:50
4  Which Pivot Foot?0:01:10
5  Quick Draw0:02:48
6  Shot Fake0:02:24
7  Head and Shoulder Fake0:00:51
8  Drive Fake0:03:38

First Step Explosion

9  First Step Mechanics0:03:16
10  Recruit the Glutes0:03:13
11  Ball Momentum0:01:34
12  To “V” or Not to “V”0:02:01
13  Build it Up Step by Step0:03:14

Read & React

14  Read & React0:03:50

Beating Defensive Pressure

15  Shot Pocket Pressure0:03:55
16  Square Pressure0:02:00

The Midrange

17  Intro to the Midrange0:01:16
18  One-Two Pull Up0:03:35
19  Two Foot Hop Pull Up0:05:26


20  Finishing Intro0:05:22
21  The Shot Blocker: Arrives Late and Behind You0:04:56

Dribble Attack

22  Dribble Attack Intro0:02:44
23  Space to Face0:04:35
24  No Space To Face0:02:27

The Ball Screen

25  Intro to The Ball Screen0:02:10
26  Four Principles for the Ball Screen0:03:07
27  Reactions0:03:19
28  Scoring By The Screener0:01:33
29  Conclusion0:00:56


30  Rick Barry Breakdown – Open Move0:07:12
31  Rick Barry Breakdown – Speed Up the Pull Up0:02:13
32  Rick Barry Breakdown – Player Analysis from the Triple Threat0:07:39
33  Rick Barry Breakdown – Player Analysis from the Close Out0:04:05
34  Chauncey Billups Breakdown – Movements on the Court0:15:14
35  Chauncey Billups Breakdown – Interview0:06:10
36  Sue Bird Breakdown – Triple Attack0:05:17
37  Sue Bird Breakdown – Beating Pressure Defense0:04:03
38  Sue Bird Breakdown – Midrange: The Pull Up Jumper0:04:19
39  Sue Bird Breakdown – Finishing vs Shot Blockers0:04:37
40  Sue Bird Breakdown – Inside the Mind of Sue Bird0:06:32

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