Individual and Team Skills and Drills


  • Help your players develop explosive moves and creative finishes at the rim
  • Implement drills that promote basketball toughness
  • Teach and develop the finer points of closing out, help side defense, communication skills, basketball IQ and more
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Greg Lansing, Indiana State University Head Coach;
2011 MVC Tournament Champions

Advance your team’s individual and team skills with this showcase of drills developed specifically for offensive and defensive ends. Also included is a brief look into pass and cut motion offense.

Coach Lansing demonstrates 14 drills that your players can practice on their own to improve their skill level. From basic two-ball dribbling drills to half court attacking the rim drills, your players will learn to stay low in a basketball stance, keep their head up and work on both hands equally.

Continuing with various build-up drills, Coach Lansing demonstrates three highly effective transition defense drills that will enhance your player’s awareness in the open court. Using full-court drills, he creates different advantage and disadvantage situations that require consistent, effective communication to protect from easy baskets.

Coach Lansing turns his attention to the defensive end of the court by demonstrating nine drills to improve team and individual defensive skills. By learning the finer points of closing out, help side defense, on ball defense and communication, your team can improve their opponent scoring production, crushing your opponent’s chances of producing scoring opportunities.

Next, Coach Lansing turns his attention to his version of the motion offense. He runs through a set of drills that shows the different aspects involved in it. Unlike many motion offenses that use screens, Coach Lansing’s version relies on various options off of the many cuts that are available. You’ll learn five cuts/actions within the 4-out/1-in motion offense that forces the defense to continually chase the offensive players. The dribble drive action is also incorporated into this offense. This version of the motion offense is terrific against pressure defenses and will surely keep your opponents guessing. The easy-to-teach drills will help your your players pick up on defensive reads and counter cuts as they develop their offensive basketball IQ.

Coach Lansing provides solid instruction on how to perform each drill as well as points of special emphasis. This is a must-have collection of drills and teaching points that every coach needs to add to their collection. This presentation will help you master both ends of the game as you develop a highly skilled, intelligent and well-rounded basketball player.

62 minutes. 2014.