Drills for Implementing Fast-Paced Transition Offense and Defense



  • Develop quicker transitions from offense to defense and vice-versa
  • Train your athletes to make quick decisions on both ends of the floor
  • Learn to play when the numbers are against you–and still be effective
  • Get tips to limit your fouls while staying aggressive on defense


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Danny Sancomb,
Wheeling Jesuit University Head Coach;
Wheeling Jesuit University finished second in the nation (D-II) in scoring in 2012 averaging 88.7 ppg.; All-American player at Wheeling Jesuit, led the nation in scoring (27.2 ppg)

The easiest way to score and the hardest way to stop your opponent from scoring comes in the transition game. Danny Sancomb gives you an array of drills and exercises to turn your players into a exciting team on the attack. All of the drills in this video are fast-paced, competitive, and cover both offensive and defensive transition.

Transition defense requires your players to communicate clearly, sprint back and stop the ball. Sancomb walks and then runs his players through a series of drills that address these three areas. Coach Sancomb uses a full court 1-on-1 drill to force the ball to the sidelines and quickly tighten the gap as you set up your half-court defense.

You’ll see the Navy Transition Drill where the players must hustle to the defensive end, stay below the ball and quickly match up to stop the offense from scoring. Another great drill Sandcomb demonstrates is the Line Transition Drill. This 5-on-4 drill forces all of the players on the defensive end to communicate their assignments and hustle as the ball moves through the air.

On the offensive end, Sancomb emphasizes four concepts that must be taught and learned to quickly score in transition. These four thoughts are played out in all of the drills. The 4-on-4-on-4 Drill encourages the offensive players to get down the court quickly and look to attack before the trailing defenders arrive. Players will love the energy and competition in this drill.

These drills are the same drills that Sancomb implements within his program, which yielded the 4th best team FG% in Division II men’s basketball, despite not having one player taller than 6-6. Each of the drills in this series works both the offensive and defensive concepts. They are exciting, high tempo drills that will allow your players to enjoy the game they love while giving you the opportunity to address this critical component of the game.

Ingrain basic, easy-to-remember principles in your players to automate their reactions and ensure your success in the transition game. Coach Sancomb’s drills will allow your team to steam roll through your opponents while denying them any easy transition points.

46 minutes. 2012.