Ultimate Motion Offense


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By Brian Rea

Motion offense has been a part of basketball for a long time. It’s used in many forms, by many coaches at many levels. But what is meant by “Motion Offense”? Does it mean rolling out a ball and letting go of all control? Does it mean chaos and unorganized play? The answer is No. Motion offense is a style of offense where movements and actions are unscripted at the moment of execution, but very thoroughly pre-scripted in the preparation leading up to game time.

Motion offense comes in many forms; 5-Man Motion, 5-Out, 4-Out/1-In, 3-Out/2-In, etc. To me, the term “motion” means unpatterned yet pre-practiced movements that use spacing, cutting, screening, passing and dribbling in a free-flowing symphony of offense designed to attack and counter anything a defense can throw at you. It’s a method of teaching players HOW to play in all situations, not what plays to run. When taught well and run right, it is a thing of basketball beauty.

The Ultimate Motion Offense uses parts and ideas from some great basketball minds and systems to create a motion system that can be used versus any defense, with any combination of players, at any level, and regardless of size, speed, athleticism or talent. It brings together aspects of true motion with the ability to structure or pattern formations, actions and movements to suit your teams needs…without having to teach different terminology or fundamental philosophy.

This is a foundation (The Base System) for running a solid and deadly motion offense, and is a great beginning point for any coach looking to improve upon teaching the game to his/her players. This playbook includes everything you need to build your own motion offense from any and every formational style you prefer. The beauty is that the sky is the limit…and your motion offense can only be limited by your imagination. Take a chance, unlock your offensive coaching potential, and bring the simplicity of the Ultimate Motion Offense to your team today.