Top NCAA Offensive Minds & 2 Guard Front Playbooks


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eBook #1, NCAA Top Basketball Coaches Playbook

by Coach Gibson Pyper

Recently CBS took a poll of the top offensive minds in college basketball voted by their peers. This Playbook is built on that survey and contains over 300 sets from the best coaches in the NCAA. In this playbook you will find full playbooks of some of the best minds in college basketball and different styles as well.

John Beilein Michigan Wolverines teams play a fun style of Princeton hybrid offense that utilizes ball screens as well as smart execution of sets that can flow into their motion offense. Beilein’s ability to blend the Princeton style sets with modern NBA & NCAA advancements has allowed his teams at Michigan to flourish offensively.

Bo Ryan recently retired from basketball and the former Wisconsin coach had great teams offensively that executed every set and motion they ran as well as his legendary swing offense that really caused defense problems.

Coach K at Duke has been one of the most successful coaches in Division 1 men’s history, as well as one of the best coaches all time including the Olympic level with the men’s nation team. Coach K’s ability to adapt from the style played in the 90’s when he won his first national championship to the modern NCAA game is truly remarkable. Transforming his coaching philosophy to include lots of Horns and Elbow actions really allowed his teams at Duke to flourish offensively.

Kevin Stalling at Vanderbilt has a similar style of play to Michigan’s John Beilein. Coach Stallings blends and adds counters for quick hitters to his offensive motion.

The majority of coaches run sets, but the best offenses are random with no patterns to them and that is what Davidson’s Bob McKillop, BYU’s Dave Rose as well as Notre Dame’s Mike Brey. Each coach has a different style of motion, but the basic actions are very similar with spacing, back cuts, dribble hand offs and now including balls creens.

All of these coaches bring different things to the table for their teams offense, but it truly shows there are multiple ways to win basketball games.

Breakdown of plays in the playbooks:

Michigan Wolverines (John Beilein)-80 Sets

Davidson Wildcats (Bob McKillop)-35 Sets

Wisconsin Badgers (Bo Ryan)-45 Sets

Gonzaga Bulldogs (Mark Few)-31 Sets

Duke Blue Devils (Mike Kryzewski)-56 Sets

BYU Cougars (Dave Rose)-21 Sets

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Mike Brey)-32 Sets

Vanderbilt Commodores (Kevin Stallings)-26 Sets

eBook #2, 2 Guard Offense Playbook

by Coach Wes Kosel

The Two Guard Offense Playbook, also known as the “Michigan 2 Guard Offense” or “2-1-2 Offense” is a great way to space the floor and create scoring opportunities. Learn from Coaches John Beilein, Brad Underwood, and others that use the Two Guard Offense.

The Two Guard Offense Playbook features 52 plays using the 2-1-2 formation. This formation is used by some of the most efficient offenses in the country including John Beilein’s Michigan Wolverines and Brad Underwood’s Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks.

The set is great for creating space and scoring opportunities by bringing the post player to the high post and opening up scoring lanes to the rim. Another benefit of this offense is the extensive play counters and flexibility you have when using this playbook from year to year. The offense can be easily adjusted and adapted to your opponent or to your team’s individual strengths. There a few ways to use the formation. The most common is to have two guards in the slots, two guards on the wings, and a post at the free-throw line. The second most common formation is to move the two guards down to the corners.

Stephen F. Austin, who used this offense under Coach Brad Underwood in 2015-2016, ranked 23rd in scoring offense last season averaging 80.2 points per game.

At the Division III level, Texas Lutheran used this offense to finish 21-7 and 1st in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. Texas Lutheran averaged 80.9 points per game in 2015-2016.

There are also a couple of 2 Guard plays used by the NBA San Antonio Spurs included in the playbook.

Featured Teams

NCAA Division I: • Michigan Wolverines • Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks • Virginia Cavaliers • Boston College Eagles • Florida State Seminoles • Dayton Flyers • Maryland Terrapins

NCAA Division III • Texas Lutheran Bulldogs • Schreiner Mountaineers

NBA • San Antonio Spurs Coaches are using the 2 Guard Offense at every level of basketball.

Get the 2 Guard Offense Playbook now and start building your playbook for next season!