Leadership Quest Pack


Leadership Quest A Modern Day Fable for Developing the Leader within You

In Leadership Quest Dr. Cory Dobbs offers student-athletes a leadership fable that is engaging, instructive, and transformative.  This book provides a simple, yet powerful, model of leadership that will build confident and effective team leaders for any sport.  Using the power of storytelling, Leadership Quest presents a proven framework for student-athletes to follow and become exceptional leaders on the playing field and in everyday life.  Leadership Quest advances an athlete-centered approach to developing the leader within each and every student-athlete.


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by Cory Dobbs, The Academy for Sport Leadership

Leadership Quest Workbook
The Leadership Quest Workbook is designed to provide coaches a tool for implementing the leadership concepts in Leadership Quest.

With the Leadership Quest Workbook you get a ready-to-teach leadership course.  We’ve created the lesson plans. You do the teaching.

Each workbook chapter includes:
– Discussion Questions
– Leadership Concepts and Practice
– Self-Insight
– Team Exercise (to be facilitated by the student-athlete)
– A Case Study

Bonus!  When you order Leadership Quest Packet you get the book, a workbook, and The Academy for Sport Leadership’s Case Study Booklet; ten case studies designed to teach your student-athletes how to solve common team problems.