Comprehensive Ball Screen Offense & Ultimate Matchup Zone Defense Playbook


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eBook #1, Comprehensive Ball Screen Playbook
by Coach Trey Watts

Throughout the game today coaches from the N.B.A to youth leagues coaches are incorporating the ball screen into their offense. It has become a corner stone for coaches such as Billy Donovan, Bill Self and Brad Stevens. In fact Jeff Van Gundy stated, “If I was a high school coach I would base my entire offense around the ball screen. “ This playbook will help every coach, in every situation; add a quick scoring and quick striking mentality to your team.
This comprehensive playbook will take a coach through the responsibilities of both the guard and the post. It will go over the scoring skills that each position requires. It will also cover the passing skills that each guard needs to know to deliver the ball “on time and on target.”

Every type ball screen is covered to expose a coach to the range of options available for adding the ball screen to your offensive arsenal. There are over 12 simple calls that a coach can utilize to counter the various defensive tactics and give a different look each time the ball screen is set.

There are over 15 different ball screen drills that will help players master the skills necessary to get the maximum use out of every option on every single ball screen. We have also included 5 different continuity ball screen offenses for coaches that are “all in” with the ball screen the ball screen. We even have a ball screen offense for a coach that wants to play out of a 4 guard alignment.

To add even more value for this playbook, we have included over 40 quick hitting plays for a team to use that will flow directly into whatever offensive system your team uses.

There are many different ways to try to combat the ball screen. So we have included 8 different counters and calls to help an offense counter actions such as; the defense going under the ball screen, trapping the ball screen, zoning the ball screen, and zoning the ball screen.

eBook #2 Ultimate Matchup Zone Playbook
by Coach Scott Peterman

You will understand how to “match-up” and cause confusion for the offense with a defense that conforms to their formations.

This match-up zone is the ultimate match-up zone defense because it deals with every scenario when it comes to a ball screen and all the different pick and rolls.

This match-up zone defense will help develop your player’s communication, stop great scorers, great scoring teams, employ man defense principles, and be difficult to scout. It can be used with big and small teams.

This NBA Match-up Zone can be utilized on the College and High School levels with ease.

Confuse your opponents with a new wrinkle in the late half of the basketball season and especially for the play-offs.

Disrupt their offensive flow!


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