2016 NBA Playoffs Plays & Michigan State Defense


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eBook #1, 101 Plays from 2016 NBA Playoffs

by John Zall

The best teams that are made up of elite coaches and players all enter with hopes of winning a title and altering their legacy forever. In this playbook, you have 101 different sets that were used during the 2016 Playoffs. These plays vary from simple to teach for a beginner team, to very advanced and guaranteed to get an open shot for your advanced team.

This playbook breaks down each and every one of the 101 sets to the most simple of details. There plays that result in open 2 point jump shots, open 3 point jump shots, layups, isolations and everything in between. The consistent area that all NBA Head Coaches are judged is by their end of game ATO’s “After Time Outs.” It usually insinuates that the Coach had just had a chance to huddle his team up and draw up a play that puts their team in the best position to win.

As you will see in this playbook, that there seems to be some sort of consistent theme where coaches will run a specific action on the strong side of the floor (the side where the ball is) in hopes of catching the defense resting on the weak side and getting a wide open shot. An example of a popular NBA action that you will see in this playbook is the “hammer” action. In the hammer action a weak side back screen or flare screen is set to spring a shooter to the corner. The ball is usually on the opposite wing and is being driven by the teams best ball handler towards the baseline setting up a perfectly timed drift pass to the open shooter in the corner.

As you look through these plays you will be able to have your team run the same plays that All-Stars like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas are running for open shots.


eBook #2, Michigan State Defensive Playbook

by John Zall

Tom Izzo has built the Michigan State University basketball on the foundation of defense and rebounding.  Izzo, a future Hall of Famer, has led the Spartans to an incredible 7 Final Four appearances with the most recent coming this past season.  Izzo boasts and overall record of 499-199; good for a .719 winning percentage.  The crowning achievement of Izzo’s career came in 2000 when his Michigan State Spartans defeated the Florida Gators to capture his only National Championship. Coach Izzo’s success also isn’t just in the college game.  He’s coached and mentored a slew of NBA Stars including Jason Richardson, Zach Randolph and Draymond Green of the World Champion Golden State Warriors.

Regardless of the level you coach at, a good defense is always the great equalizer.  If you are sound and defensive minded team you will be able to shrink the talent gap between any two teams.

In this playbook you will learn the core principles and concepts of the defense that Tom Izzo runs at Michigan State.

We cover everything from the proper defensive stance, where every defender needs to be at all times, and ball screen coverages for all situations. A huge factor in Michigan State is so successful on defense is because they are an outstanding defensive rebounding team.  6 times in the past 8 seasons the Spartans have finished in the top ten in rebounding percentage for the entire country. (Rebounding percentage is the percentage of rebounds a particular team or player gets in relation to the amount of missed shots.)

This playbook will teach you how to put yourself in proper position to be a great rebounding team and goes over the techniques required to make that a reality. Scattered throughout the playbook are a handful of drills that you can use with teams of all ages. They teach and stress the importance of transition defense and challenge your team to be solid in their principles.

Each page contains a specific defensive concept and breaks them down to the smallest of details.  Some example of page titles are “Guarding the Basketball,” “Guarding the Post,” “Help off the Ball” and “Off-Ball Screens.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late to install a stingy defense into your team or program.

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