1-4 Offense Playbook


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1-4 Offense Playbook

by Jason Jones

Highland Park High School- Topeka, Kansas Head Coach – Jason Jones 1-4 PlayBook

Thanks for taking the time to check out our 1-4 playbook. I truly believe that you will find things you can implement to improve your team’s offensive efficiency and attack any defense you encounter. I have been a head high school coach for 18 years across four different states. I have been at large schools with a lot of athletes and small schools where you have to be innovative and coach who you have to maximize talent each year. Over the course of that time, we have developed our 1-4 playbook that has been useful for all skill levels and school sizes. It will also allow you to attack any defense you see from the same core set. Our staff believes firmly in “Keep It Simple Stupid” principles with our teams. We all know there are hundreds of sets and offenses we can use to attack any defense we will see, but if your players don’t understand what you put in and you can’t execute it, none of it matters. It is not about showing your players (or other coaches) how much you know. It is about implementing a system that: 1. Fits your personnel 2. Your players believe in 3. You can teach 4. Allows you to be successful in beating the best teams on your schedule each year We will tweak and be creative with our stuff each year to fit our personnel, and are not married to any one thing. There are a variety of stuff that make us successful out of our 1-4, and we are constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency. 1. We are careful to pressure because we keep the defense lifted and always had backdoors available. 2. No matter how many sets we put in out of it, the principles of what we are looking for don’t change. Our sets are designed to get certain looks, but players can always go to our bread and butter options no matter what we have called. We also have developed a series of shooting drills that daily put our players in the spots they will be in during games so that we get a lot of repetition. (All shooting drills are in playbook as well) 3. We can run all of our zone and man stuff from it, but we can also get to the base out of a variety of formations and actions. 4. It puts our multi-skilled players in position to score in a variety of ways and allows them to be inside-out players. Which in turn allows us to take advantage of matchups and create mismatches with our movement of players within the 1-4. I hope you can implement something from our 1-4 playbook that leads to success for your team. As with all things coaching we steal, tweak, and share willingly. Many of the concepts we have used have come from Tom Izzo at Michigan State, and we are always observing teams that incorporate 1-4 stuff in their playbook. If you have questions, comments, or want just to talk basketball, we are an open book and allow other coaches into our practices, film sessions, or anything else you would find beneficial. Feel free to contact me at one of the following: Cell – 785-380-1544/ E-mail – [email protected]