Steve Prohm: Offensive Skill Development and Attacking Man & Zone Defenses


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Features & Benefits
Use Steve Prohm’s offensive concepts to help your team score more points!

  • Get 11 drills to improve your team’s shooting and ball handling fundamentals, while optimizing the execution of your team offense
  • Learn how to use spacing and ball screens in your man offense to create scoring opportunities for your most talented players
  • Attack zone defenses with five quick hitters to get the ball into the paint to create scoring opportunities

with Steve Prohm,
Iowa State University Head Coach;
2017 Big 12 Tournament Champions; 2016 Sweet Sixteen;
former Murray State University Head Coach; 2012 Joe B. Hall National Coach of the Year (top 1st-year coach in D1 college basketball);
3x Ohio Valley Conference Champions, 2x OVC Coach of the Year

In his fist year at the helm, Steve Prohm led the Iowa State Cyclones to a Sweet Sixteen appearance in the NCAA Tournament. The Cyclones’ success was due in large part to an offensive system that was a national leader in statistics such as points per game (15th), offensive efficiency (3rd), field goal percentage (2nd), and assists (7th).

Coach Prohm shares a variety of concepts related to his offensive system including 11 skill development drills he uses to develop his players, nine plays for his half court man-to-man offense, and five ways that Iowa State attacks zone defenses.

Individual Skill Drills

No offensive system will be successful without developing players into offensive weapons that can shoot, dribble, and pass. Learn how Coach Prohm improves the individual skills of his team with 11 skill drills that will improve shooting ability and ball handling. With eight drills to choose from, you will be able to incorporate shooting drills into your practices on a daily basis without it ever feeling stale to your players. See how Coach Prohm uses these drills to develop proper form and footwork. The drills are great for a daily warm-up during the season or during the off-season for player development.

The Four Man Extra Pass Drill develops the instinct to share the ball and find the open man. Three variations of this drill will have your players finding open shooters off quick ball reversal, baseline drift passes, and extra passes. Other shooting drills will refine your shooting technique for pull-up jumpers off the dribble, shooting in transition, spacing off dribble penetration, and coming off pin down and flare screens.

Coach Prohm shows three drills to improve your players’ ball handling. Your team will get tighter with their dribbles and enhance a variety of dribble moves through the Schilling drill. The Kentucky Ball Handling drill demonstrates four ways to finish at the rim as players practice attacking the basket with dribble moves to get past their defender. Use the Starts, Stops, and Turns drill to improve pivoting and passing. If your team struggles to pass under pressure, this drill will show you different ways of creating space and deploying the pass through a defender.

Man-to-Man Offense

Iowa State’s offensive system excels at playing with space and is perfect for teams that want to emphasize the talents of a good point guard. See how the Cyclones took advantage of their talented post players with plays designed to isolate them in scoring position.

Coach Prohm demonstrates three ways to use drag ball screens in transition to attack the rim quickly. Three plays in the “Mason” action will show you how to create isolations with your point guard or post player. Mason Rip creates an open look for your best shooter in a situation where you need a 3-point basket.

Two plays from Coach Prohm’s 32 Action allow you to space the floor to optimize dribble penetration and post feeds. A third alignment – Hook Action – has players flattening along the baseline to create space for step-up ball screens. Coach Prohm also shows you a favorite baseline inbound play for freeing up your best shooter.

Zone Offense

Discover five plays that use misdirection, screening, and spacing to distort a zone and leave openings to attack the paint. Two plays allow you to immediately attack a zone in your secondary break with ball screens and flare screens to consistently get the ball into the high post. With 41 Step, you can use a high ball screen to help your point guard attack the lane. Other play options will create scoring opportunities by freeing up open shooters off double screens or opening up your post on the block with baseline screens. These quick hitters will give you a diversity of scoring options to attack zones defenses.

These plays, drills, and basketball concepts from Coach Prohm will have your team firing on all cylinders in your half court offense!

Produced at the Spring 2016 Overland Park (KS) clinic.

69 minutes. 2016.