Offensive Fundamentals for Scoring the Basketball



  • 20 skill development drills – with variations – that will improve your players and help them reach their potential
  • Perimeter and post player footwork and shooting drills that teach your players how to react to defensive situations
  • Guard and post player ball screen drills that will train your players to attack your opponents’ ball screen defense with confidence
  • How to use a cheat step effectively in any offensive scenario and to gain balance going into your shot


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Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach;
2008 NCAA National Champions, 2012 NCAA Runner Up, 9x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2013), 2012 Naismith College Coach of the Year, 500 Career Wins

Get an inside look at how Kansas consistently turns out some of the top post players and guards in the country. Legendary coach Bill Self and his staff show you how they teach the skills necessary for offensive success, while keeping the drills simple.

This DVD is broken down into two parts, skill development for guards and skill development for the post players, with each section featuring drills the guards and bigs do on a daily basis. With on court instruction – and detailed comments by Self – you will learn the drills and skills taught by one of college basketball’s most successful programs.

The guards begin the workout with some great fundamental footwork that leads to shots. The players begin the day by getting loose as they come off the basic L-Cut. They then work on low rip throughs and that leads into shots. Extra finishing moves are added to challenge the players while continuing to work on fundamental footwork.

An essential to the Kansas offense is the ability to effectively come off “curls” and get shots or attack the rim. In this set of drills, Coach Self is adamant about his players getting square before they make their move. Shot fakes, explosive first steps and a variety of finishes are included in the Curl Series.

Another Key component to the Jayhawk offense is the ball screen. Coach puts his guys through a great series of drills that allows them to practice the shots and moves that they will get when working the ball screen offense. One key point covered throughout the guard workout is the “Cheat Step.” Self emphasizes the importance of this simple, but essential move to make sure his players are always balanced while working on their offensive game.

Coach Self places an emphasis on using simple fundamental drills and moves to teach players how to play effectively. Coach breaks down the post player drills they use to teach their high/low offensive system. With each drill, he demonstrates how to position your body against your defender to gain an advantage inside. Self also emphasizes the importance of all of his players being able to use both hands around the basket. He provides counter moves with proper footwork to make your players an unstoppable force in the post.

Self’s transition drills for post players are a unique set of drills. This series of drills is the reason the Kansas’ bigs are so effective getting up and down the court.

Getting back to the basics, Coach Self adds one of his favorite shots, the jump hook. This simple shot puts the defender in a place that they cannot stop the offensive player. Self wants his players to be complete offensive players and will provide you with drills that you can use to teach your post players perimeter skills and skills they need to screen away from the basket to get themselves and teammates open.

Seeing how the best of the best does it can only help you become a better teacher of the game. This offensive skill development video is great for any coach that is looking to take their players to the next level and develop them into effective offensive players.

69 minutes. 2013.